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Vale B.B. King 16.09.1925 – 14.05.2015

In the Country of the Blues, B.B was the King. You only live but once And when you’re dead you’re … Continued

Bali Executions

In 2005, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumuran were just 2 of the people, dubbed the Bali nine, who were later … Continued


And I Thought Annabelle Duncan Liked Students?

It does seem that holding an olive branch out to UNE results in them eating the olives and spitting the … Continued

What Happened To Drummond & Smith College At The End Of Last Year?

On Tuesday 29th September 2015 (1 week before Tri 2 exams!), “Professor” Peter Creamer sent an email to D&S students … Continued

Be More Than A Piece Of Paper

Welcome Freshers! Firstly, let me introduce myself.. I am Koady, the Internal Representative on the UNE Students Association, and am … Continued

UNE Gaming Society

UNE Gaming Society offers new opportunities to meet people and forge friendships. Our nights run weekly and attract quite a … Continued


Coffee Review: Prue And Olive

Prue and Olive offers a great range of coffees and teas for everyone from the casual coffee dabbler to the … Continued


Avoiding Armidale Winters, You’re Doing It Wrong

Recently UNE sent out a survey to discover where in the world its students are based. One particular location stood … Continued


Video Did Not Kill The Radio Star

Do you want to be invited to cool parties and meet amazing people from almost every walk of life, but … Continued



Hello! Are you a brand new fresher studying at UNE? Are you enrolled in a course within the School of … Continued

UNE Townies

UNE Townies is an organisation that provides help and support to those students at UNE who are living off-campus. We … Continued

A word from Melanie Eve Pease

The staggering amount of awesome that was extinguished from the world in January was breathtaking. An unbelievable number of talented … Continued



I wanted to find a way to address the loss of so many or our heroes in January, 2016. I … Continued


Edgar Mitchell

“To me, that (spaceFLflight) was the culmination of my being, and what can I learn from this? What is it … Continued


Lemmy Kilmister

“People don’t become better when they’re dead; you just talk about them as if they are, but it’s not true! … Continued


Sir Terry Wogan

“It’s been a wonderful, wonderful evening. I mean, not musically of course, but in terms of spectacle…” – Sir Terry … Continued


David Bowie

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” – David Bowie. David Robert … Continued


Alan Rickman

“I have never been able to plan my life. I just lurch from indecision to indecision.” – Alan Rickman. Alan … Continued

Congrats Garry!

UNE graduate Garry Burge has been honoured with an Oxley Australia Day hero award in recognition for his work raising … Continued


Vale Natashia Scully

Tash’ Scully, UNE lecturer in nursing lost her hard fought battle with breast cancer in early February. According to those … Continued